Workforce Development Training Program

A partnership with NGTI @ NU

Workforce Development Program

Developed and run in conjunction with Niagara University, the Workforce Development Program focuses on teaching the soft and hard skills needed in today’s workforce, using food as the syllabus.  Today’s employers expect a certain level of competence, behavior and attitude. We work to develop students’ capacity in each of these areas to ensure our students are fully prepared for the job market.

One of the agencies we work with is the Niagara Global Tourism Institute (NGTI). F BITES walks participants through the process and offers a resume package to help graduates secure employment. When a student graduates from F BITES, they know they are employable. In fact, three of our recent graduates are currently employed at businesses within Erie and Niagara counties.

Interested?  Apply today

F BITES is currently accepting applications for youth and adults throughout Erie and Niagara counties.

If you, your school or your agency are interested in working with F BITES, we encourage you to reach out to us using the information below:

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