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Bobby Anderson

Bobby Anderson


More about Bobby

Chef Bobby (He/Him) grew up in Niagara Falls and found working in a restaurant as a way to experience life outside of the Falls. He studied at the Culinary Institute of America. He is best known for finishing 5th place out o 17 contestants on the T.V. series Hell’s Kitchen and went on to work with Gordon Ramsey after his time on the show. Once Chef Bobby returned from working with Mr. Gordan Ramsey, he realized that he no longer wanted to make soufflés rise. He was now inspired to make souls rise. And with that, he founded the nonprofit F BITES. Chef Bobby has expanded the F BITES footprint from after-school & re-entry programming to curriculums in schools throughout the school day. He opened the first-ever in-school We Proudly Serve Starbucks in Niagara Falls High School with the Barista Program. To stay busy, he then opened multiple eateries in the Niagara Falls area, where most of the employees of these locations are students and adults from all of the F BITES programs.

Bobby can be contacted at 



Jamie R. Anderson

Jamie R. Anderson


More about Jamie

Jamie (She/Her) has a degree in Social Work from Erie Community College. Although she enjoyed this meaningful profession, her path led to a thriving business and restaurant management career. Jamie worked her way up through the Brierwood Country Club. Jamie then became the General Manager at Statler City, where she oversaw $4+ million in annual sales for seven years. Jamie brings her vast knowledge and experience from restaurant and business management to F BITES as the C.O.O. 

Jamie can be contacted at janderson@fbites.org 

Tessa Janicke

Tessa Janicke

Executive Director

More about Tessa

Tessa (she/her) has been with F BITES since 2021. She moved her way up from program assistant, to coordinator, to Summer Program Director, to Executive Director as of August 2022. 


Tessa was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. She received her bachelors degree from SUNY ESF with a focus on Environmental Education and Communication. Tessa has been has been working with nonprofits and alternative education for 10 years. She is in the process of finishing up her MPA in Nonprofit Management from SUNY Buffalo State. She is passionate about giving youth opportunities to try new things and discover their passions! Tessa works with Bobby and Jamie on all aspects of F BITES’ nonprofit programs. 

Tessa can be contacted at tjanicke@fbite.org 


Program Staff

Chef Charles Harris

Chef Charles Harris

Head Program Instructor & Executive Chef

More about Chef Charles

Chef Charles (he/him)  is the head instructor for in-school enrichment programs at Gaskill & LaSalle Preparatory Schools as well as the Cataract House Training Academy for Niagara Falls High School students. Chef Charles is also the Executive Chef of F BITES Cantina. Chef Charles has been with F BITES since 2018. 

Chef Charles is from Niagara Falls. He is passionate about giving back to his hometown community, especially to the youth. Chef Charles’ favorite thing about F BITES is team-building and witnessing students learn as they grow up. 

Michael Powell a.k.a. Mr. Powell

Michael Powell a.k.a. Mr. Powell

Program Instructor

More about Mr. Powell

Mr. Powell (he/him) leads the Coffee Cart Program at Gaskill Prep School. His favorite thing about the coffee cart program is working with the kids to learn how to work together, practice respect, and communicating with people of all ages. He also works at F BITES Cantina where he enjoys providing a pleasant environment for both local and visiting customers.

Mr. Powell has been with F BITES for 7 years. He is originally from Atlanta,  Georgia, but grew up in Niagara Falls. He started as a volunteer for Chef Bobby, who he has known for over 20 years. 





Expertise that guides our direction

At F BITES, we are extremely fortunate to have a diverse and active board of directors. Each of them brings a different level of expertise to guarantee we are providing the best experience possible for student in our nutritional education programs.

  • Bobby Anderson – Founder 
  • Colleen Fretthold – Board Secretary
  • Matt Dobson – Board Treasurer
  • Superintendent Mark Laurie – Board Member
  • Stephen Kingston – Board Member
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