In School Enrichment

At Gaskill Preparatory School

Gaskill Breakfast Program 

Program Instructors: Chef Rodrek “FRANK” Johnson

The Gaskill Preparatory School’s In School Enrichment Program is an educational nutrition class designed for students in grades seven and eight for 10 weeks, which runs during ASP. This program serves anywhere from 12-14 students in each cohort.  Avoiding the traditional lecture model, F BITES combines various techniques, including hands-on learning, peer support, guest speakers and learning modification to introduce healthier eating habits and practices to youth at crucial developmental academic and vocational stage.

Participants alternate between the roles of head cook, food servers, speakers, clean-up, and participants each week. All students learn about the ingredients in the food, how it is prepared, where it can be purchased, and why it is good for you.

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Gaskill Coffee Cart 

Program Instructor: Ms. Sabrina Hill

In addition to the in-class hands on instruction, the students also can work the coffee cart. Where students serve teachers and staff in the school coffee, tea, and sometimes baked goods.

Students who work the coffee cart receive any tips the teachers provide for their service. The purpose of the coffee cart beyond free coffee and tea for hard working school staff, is to teach students the importance of good customer service, how to interact professionally with a customer, teamwork, and responsibility.

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