Great Food Changing Lives

Using hands-on culinary instruction, we empower underprivileged youths and chronically unemployed adults to instill leadership, communication skills and the ability to set and achieve goals.

How We Help

F BITES (Food Based Interventions with Technology, Energy & Science) is designed specifically to give people the chance to learn important life skills and break the cycle of poverty.

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F BITES offers programs ranging from nutritional education programs to adult cooking programs to programs designed to help transition prisoners to a new life after their release.  

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With these tools we can…



Help students find their calling. Give the underprivileged the chance of a lifetime. Assist incarcerated individuals in turning their lives around. And help build a better, more productive society. It only takes a little bit from you to make a big difference for someone in need. So please consider donating to help keep this mission thriving.


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