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F BITES (Food Based Interventions with Technology, Energy & Science) is designed specifically to give people the chance to learn important life skills and break the cycle of poverty. Learn more here.


F BITES offers programs ranging from nutritional education programs to adult cooking programs to programs designed to help transition prisoners to a new life after their release.  Check them all out here.

Great Food Changing Lives

Using hands-on culinary instruction, we empower underprivileged youths and chronically unemployed adults to instill leadership, communication skills and the ability to set and achieve goals.

After School

Our After School Program offers an educational nutrition class designed for students in grades five through twelve. F BITES combines various techniques of hands-on learning, peer support, guest speakers and learning modification to introduce healthier eating habits and practices to youth at crucial developmental academic and vocational stages.

Re-Entry Program

The Re-Entry Program is designed specifically for prisoners looking to completely turn their lives around. We teach the participants all the important soft skills – such as looking someone in the eye, shaking hands and even pulling their pants up.

Saturday Academy

Our Saturday Academy is designed for both students and their parents to experience the F BITES program and increase their nutritional knowledge. We focus on showing participants how to put together healthy, nutritious meals that they can replicate in their own homes.

Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Program focuses on teaching the soft and hard skills needed in today’s workforce, using food as the syllabus. Today’s employers expect a certain level of competence, behavior and attitude, and we work on all three to ensure that participants are fully prepared for the work environment.
“I started F BITES as a way to give back to the underprivileged and underserved in Erie, Niagara and Monroe counties. I was able to lift myself up by first starting out as a dishwasher and ending up as a chef working for Gordon Ramsey in London. I consider myself blessed – and I wanted to share my good fortune. I believe that in cooking there is the opportunity to teach important life skills. While I don’t expect all of our students to become chefs, I firmly believe the lessons they learn from us will carry them on a successful journey for the rest of their lives.”

Chef Bobby Anderson

With these tools we can…



Help students find their calling. Give the underprivileged the chance of a lifetime. Assist prisoners in turning their lives around. And help build a better, more productive society. It only takes a little bit from you to make a big difference for someone in need. So please consider donating to help keep this mission thriving.


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