I learned to live when I learned to cook

After studying at the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Bobby’s career began at Buffalo’s Hyatt Regency, better known as EB Greens Steakhouse. Under his leadership, EB Greens was named the fourth-best steakhouse in the country. Continuing to lead the charge towards excellence, Chef Bobby went on to open the Seneca Niagara Casino’s Restaurant and Buffet, which ultimately received 4 Stars.

Chef Bobby is perhaps best known for his role in Season 4 of the Fox television series “Hell’s Kitchen,” where he finished in fourth place out of 17 contestants under the fiery tutelage of Gordon Ramsay. Gordon went on to hire Chef Bobby for two of his restaurants in Manchester and London, a rare opportunity for many of the contestants of “Hell’s Kitchen.”

“People often ask me to pinpoint my particular cooking style,” says Chef Bobby. “I have always lived by the notion that I do not have a specific ZIP code. However, my truest specialty is Southern cuisine. Being a black chef in the food service industry, I wanted to refrain from the stereotypical label of only being able to fry chicken and make soul food. I wanted to be taken seriously as a dynamic chef like my French and other European counterparts were.”

Chef Bobby then began to explore the intricacies of Southern cooking and decided to master the cuisine, ultimately developing the multi-faceted F BITES menu. Referred to as contemporary new Southern cuisine, it’s a marriage of culinary wisdom, decades of training and tradition. Such a union allows Chef Bobby to take you back to the porch of decades ago, while simultaneously introducing you to a new generation of dishes.

Expertise that guides our direction

At F BITES, we are extremely fortunate to have a diverse and active board of directors. Each of them brings a different level of expertise to guarantee we are providing the best experience possible for student in our nutritional education programs.

  • Bobby Anderson – Founder / Executive Director
  • Jamie R. Evan – Board President
  • Colleen Fretthold – Board Secretary
  • Matt Dobson – Board Treasurer
  • Superintendent Mark Laurie – Board Member
  • Stephen Kingston – Board Member
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