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Your life will change between the main course and dessert

Utilizing culinary education and cooking instruction as a vehicle to develop leadership, professional skills and career readiness, F BITES is a hands-on solution to the problems facing at-risk youth and chronically unemployed adults to help break the cycle of poverty.

More than just cooking instruction, F BITES establishes health, wellness, structure, vocational training and life skills. At F BITES, Chef Bobby helps prepare participants for all that life throws at them.

F BITES then partners with various local restaurants and hotels to assist in job placement for its graduates – ensuring they have a strong start on their career.

Upon completion of an F BITES nutritional education course, students will be able to demonstrate the following culinary learning competencies and developmental aptitudes:

1. General Hospitality Knowledge:
Demonstrate knowledge of front-of-house staff and services, banquet service and customer service skills.

2. Culinary Skill:
Demonstrate knowledge of the five French mother sauces, banquet service, food preparation, cooking and the following advanced culinary skills: Nutrition Science, Knife Skills, Meat Preparation and Serving, Soups and Sauces, Baking and Desserts, and a general knowledge of Restaurant Operations.

3. Soft Skills, Professional Skills, and Work Ethic:
Conduct and participate in modules in the atmosphere of a team of peers and professionals, to be evaluated by course instructor and reviewed with the student on a regular basis.

4. Career Planning and Management:
Exposure to living wage careers and opportunities.

5. Mentoring:
Instructor recognizes, encourages and builds upon the potential within an individual to help them realize and achieve development of their individual strengths.

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