Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions_9

You are about to learn how to paint the Moon with the Photoshop actions. The Moon is a beautiful, symbolic image representing a person’s inner feelings, dreams and hopes for the future. It represents the entire range of human emotion and this guide will cover the basic steps on the best way best to make such an image in Paint. To start with you want to pick the right color. Here you have a lot of alternatives, but keep in mind that red is the colour of blood, so if you are a person who cares about this colour, then go for orange or reddish !

The next step is to set the action group or activity that you want to paint the Moon onto. Each individual activity group ought to be assigned a time frame, meaning that you must put it within a particular timeframe like 30 seconds, or even less. Opt for a nice backdrop for your activity series, but try to pick out a color which is not as common as the other colors, or at least one that contrasts with it. By way of instance, the skies could be blue and the grass green, which would be quite unusual, so you may choose either of the two. In addition, don’t choose the same action sequence for every group of activity that you perform in the series !

The next step is to decide on the colour of your action sequences. Again there are many alternatives, but I recommend sticking with the most well-known colors. These would be pink, red, blue and yellow. You might also mix these colours to find a different appearance, but Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions don’t let it become the main theme of the whole group!

The next step would be to choose the true dimensions and shape of the activity group. The size of the activity group directly affects the quality of the last output, so I attempt to make the size bigger than the actual size of the image. Also, keep in mind that the dimensions of the action group does not need to be put in stone, you can change it when you want to. It’s just one of the things which come and go, so I am not going to say it today.

The final step is to pick the actual text in your action set. That is where it becomes tricky. On the 1 hand, you want the text to match the color scheme, however on the flip side, you do not need it to become too preoccupied to divert the reader. You wish to make some attention, but not too much, so that your readers are attracted into the moon picture itself. So my recommendation is to choose something subtle, yet readable – kind of like the font used in a magazine article, except you’re not attempting to read text, then you are just taking a look at the painting.

That is really all there’s about it, and if you get it down, you are halfway there. The next thing to do after your first action group is to return into your images collection and select out the exact same replicating elements you repeated during your action group. Then repeat those elements in your next action group. Keep doing so until you have the complete moon picture painted.

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